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June 4, 1975
before the notary. Giuseppe Cestone are:
Toglia Michele Antonio, Borea Vincenzo, Maffucci Giovanni, Acocella Gabriele, Di Cecca Attilio, Lucadamo Romeo, Salvante Luigi, Acocella Michele Giovanni, Martiniello Vito, Di Milia Giuseppe Giovanni Mario, Di Cecca Michele, Di Milia Vincenzo, Ricciardi Giuseppe, Del Re Giovanni.

Among the above is formed an Association called "Pro-Loco Calitri" located in Calitri to Corso Matteotti, 83 and gathered in the Assembly shall appoint the Board of Directors for the first four years.

Over the years the Pro-Loco Calitri has had four presidents:


  • Toglia Michele Antonio (1975 ÷1980)
  • Di Maio Luigi    (1981 ÷ 1994)
  • Cicoira Franco (1994 ÷ 1998)
  • Rinaldi Giovanni (1998 ÷2006, 2010 ÷ 2014)
  • Zabatta Vitale(2003 ÷ 2010)


    The main aims of the Association "Pro-Loco Calitri" aims are provided in art. 2 of the Statute:

    a) bring together all those who have an interest touristic development of Calitri and territorial district;

    b) helping to organize the tourist places, studying the construction and road improvement and promoting the beautification of streets, roads, gardens, with plants and flowers;

    c) promote the improvement and development of tourist facilities of Calitri;

    d) encourage and support the improvement of public services;

    e) monitor the performance of local services targeting the tourism and related tariffs, proposing appropriate amendments to the competent authorities or the companies operating the same services;

    f) promote, encourage and support celebrations, sporting events, fairs, conventions, public shows, tours and excursions in the resort to attract tourists and provide entertainment and enjoyment to all who stay there;

    g) to protect the value and place in the natural, artistic and monumental to make them better known and appreciated;

    h) cooperate with the Provincial Tourism Authority of Avellino to advertising aimed at spreading knowledge of Calitri;

    i) fulfill the functions required by the Provincial Tourism Board of Avellino;

    l) organize and coordinate commemorative memorials to famous people, organizing concerts and exhibitions, conferences, forming a library;

    m) to increase any kind of study and artistic life of Calitri and Tourism of the Campania Region;

    n) the Association Pro-Loco Calitri for the whole of its business, does not pursue any profit.

    Associazione Pro Loco Calitri

    Via campo sportivo n. 32, Calitri (AV)
    tel. 082738058
    cell.  3293592155 -  3474750089

    Cod. Fisc. / P. Iva 00612320648
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